Honda Talon Heater 324.99


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Our Honda Talon Heater is a unique design!
• Installs is a fraction of the time as other heaters.
• No cutting into the water lines, so coolant leaks and bleeding air out of the system are non-issues.
• No heater core to leak or plug up with mud and dust.
• Marine grade blower motor, vibration and water resistant.
• Forced air system taking already heated air coming through the radiator and blowing it through the ducting into the cab via 360 degree rotating vents.
• Easily relocate Blower motor in minutes to the left or right side to blow ambient air into the cab for cooling.
• Adapter easily removed in seconds to use as an auxiliary radiator cooling fan in emergencies.
• Included: Marine grade motor, blower motor adapter, all ducting hoses, console vent mounting plate, 4 vents, splitter and hardware.
• Optional 4 seater upgrade kit contains 6’ of duct hose, 2 additional vents and 2 additional splitters.
• Fits all 2019-2023 models.

Toasty in the Winter and Cool in the Summer with emergency radiator fan!

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2 or 4 Seat

Standard 2 seater Kit, Upgraded 4 seater Kit