Rotopax Fuel Can Mount for Packout system 84.99/124.99


Securely mount your Rotopax 1 gallon Fuel container to your Milwaukee Packout system with our unique mount.

Pick either the base plate with or without the aluminum mount depending on what you want to do with your Rotopax cans. You can buy many different types of mounts to go on our baseplate that extend for stacking cans or lock to secure the cans from theft. Go to Rotopax to purchase different mounts or cans to fit on our baseplate.

Select in the dropdown menu the baseplate only or with the basic aluminum mount that fits 1 gallon Rotopax cans.

Take a look at our Wide baseplate for the 1.75 & 3 gallon Rotopax cans. Even though the cans will fit on this Baseplate we recommend the Wide baseplate for more support on the larger fuel cans.



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Rotopax Fuel Can Mount

Baseplate and Mount, Baseplate Only