Individual Heater Parts for DIY Installs


These are individual build components for those that want or need an extra part for custom builds.

‘Shroud with hose’ is used for extra clearance for lift kits where there is a brace that runs under the core support between the upper shock mounts. This gives a couple of inches more clearance than normal mounting location. It is also used in the kit for installing the heater with a 2nd battery, but without the extra hose.

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Additional information

Heater Parts

30" length of hose with swedged end to fit vents, 4" Blower Motor, 4" Blower Motor Adapter, 6' length of vent hose without swedged ends for vents, Center console 2 vent plate, Hose Splitter, Shroud with hose 3", Vent ea., 3" Blower Motor, 3" Blower Motor Adapter, Shroud with hose 4"