Honda Talon Emblems 44.99


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Included are 3 Large Honda Emblems and 1 small Honda Emblem and all necessary mounting hardware. 1 for the Rear, 2 for the sides and 1 for the Hood for a total of 4 Emblems.

Fits 2019-2021 Talons

Made with PETG which resists warping and cracking from heat/cold/sun much better than the commonly used PLA or the factory brittle emblems that break when you look at them. These screw in from the back into blink holes in the Emblems, not the factory mini clips on studs.

Choose Honda Talon Emblem color(s) in drop down menu. Choose a Color/Black for a Black hood Emblem with color of choice for sides and back.

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Black, Blue, Blue/Black, Green, Green/Black, Orange, Orange/Black, Pink, Pink/Black, Red, Red/Black, Silver, Silver/Black