Jeep JL/JT Fender Retention Hardware 89.99



Have you ever removed those little white plastic clips on a JL or a JT and had them shatter or break? Have you had your fenders falling off when you bumped a tree or leaned on them too much? Our Jeep JL/JT Fender Retention hardware provides substantially more clamping force and a better mechanical connection.

Unlike other companies that sell a “bolt kit”, we have designed a rectangular washer that utilizes existing square holes on either side of the center pin hole. The studs in our plastic washer grab those square holes and provide a very secure mounting system and prevent you from over-tightening the bolt, which in turn, prevents you from smashing the plastic around the bolt. Take a close look at the fender without the white plastic clips installed. You’ll notice that there is a split where the bolt goes. Without our plastic washer, the fender could rip out and allow the bolt to slip through the slot.

We use a very specific nutcert with our kit. This nutcert does not require drilling to go into the vehicle. This is a no-drill kit.

Each kit consists of the following:

  • Plastic fender washers for the entire vehicle (front and rear fenders)
  • 6mm nutcerts
  • 6mm wide stainless steel flange head bolts
  • A few extra of each in case you drop some